7 Reasons to Use Professional Photography for Real Estate Listings 

Real estate photos are one of the most important elements of a listing. Not only are they a key component of getting your property sold, but they can also increase the value of the home if the buyer chooses to buy it from you. 

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There are many reasons to use professional photography for your listings, including the following:

  1. Invest in a good camera and lenses

The best way to get great real estate photos is to invest in a quality camera and high-quality lenses. These are essential because they allow you to capture a sharp image that is free from blur and other common real estate photography problems. 

  1. Hire a photographer who can deliver top-quality photos to you promptly and consistently

Photographers that can deliver high-quality images to you quickly and consistently are often worth the price tag because they can save you time and headaches. They may also be able to withstand a stacked schedule of several shoots in a day, which can be a challenge if you are a busy real estate agent. 

  1. Use the same real estate photographer for every listing

Choosing the same photographer for all of your listings can create consistency and branding for your business. This can make it easier for clients to trust that you have an eye for detail and are committed to delivering the very best in quality. 

4. You can sell more homes with better photos

Using real estate photos for your listings can boost the value of your property, helping to get it sold faster and for more money. The Wall Street Journal has reported that listings with professional photographs can gain up to $19,000 more in premiums when sold compared to properties without them. 

  1. The quality of a photographer’s photos can influence a buyer’s decision to purchase

A buyer’s opinion of a property is formed from the first few photos they see on the listing. A poorly angled photo or a dull, overly-blurry photo can quickly put off buyers and cause them to search elsewhere for their next home. 

  1. A professional photographer will know how to stage a property for the best possible photos

The right photographer can make your listing stand out from the rest, which will increase its appeal to potential buyers. They will know how to position furniture, display art, and other items to make the space look its best. 

  1. Ensure a good experience with your real estate photographers

A good photographer will be able to provide you with excellent customer service and support your needs in any situation. This is especially critical when you are dealing with last-minute or emergency listings that have to be completed in a hurry. 

8. Be the advocate for you

A great real estate photographer will not only work hard to deliver your photos quickly and consistently, but they will also be willing to vouch for you as an expert in the field when you leave their office. This type of support is crucial if you want to maintain your business and build long-term relationships with your customers.