Why Use Aerial Photography For Real Estate? 

Aerial photography is the use of drones to capture aerial photos and video. Aerial images are often used by real estate agents to help sell homes and commercial properties. 

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Aerial images can help realtors sell homes faster and more easily. According to MLS statistics, property listings with aerial images sell 68% faster than those without. Aerial images are also useful for virtual tours and walk-throughs, which can make your listing stand out and convert leads to buyers more quickly. 

When choosing a drone photographer, you should make sure to hire someone with the right skill set and experience. Look for someone who has an FAA-Issued Commercial Drone License, liability insurance, and samples of their work. You should also get a price list from them to ensure that you are getting great value for your money. 

Why Use Aerial Photography For Real Estate?

Aerial photographs are an important tool for a realtor to help potential home buyers and tenants visualize the layout of the property. They are particularly helpful for large acreages that are difficult to photograph from the ground. They can also be used to showcase features such as pools and outdoor amenities. 

The use of aerial photography for real estate has grown rapidly over the years. This is primarily because of the increased availability of drones and their affordable cost. Aerial photography is an effective way for agents to advertise homes and commercial properties and is a must-have when selling high-end properties or ones that have unique outdoor characteristics. 

Many potential homebuyers have a hard time visualizing how a property would look from the ground. The vantage point of an aerial image allows the prospective homeowner or tenant to see the entire landscape from a bird’s-eye view. 

In addition, the altitude of an aerial photo can also help highlight interesting features such as a beach or a park near the property. Aerial shots of a waterfront property can show a buyer how their house would fit into the scenery. 

Moreover, they can help realtors and their client’s screen neighborhoods for eyesores and inconveniences. They can also demonstrate a property’s proximity to amenities such as schools, hospitals, and parks. 

Aerial photographs can also be classified based on their scale. The larger the scale of the photograph, the more detail is shown. For example, if the photograph has a scale of 1:15,000, then it will be able to show the size of buildings and other structures on the property. 

The scale of an aerial image is a measure of the ratio of the distance that is visible on the photograph compared to the corresponding distance on the ground. The smaller the scale of an aerial image, the less detailed it is. 

Early aerial photography was made by using film. Today, the majority of aerial images are taken by digital cameras. 

Some drones have built-in GPS capabilities that allow them to navigate the area and take pictures without human intervention. These cameras also give the pilot the ability to capture photos in different formats and resolutions.