Where Can Realtors Submit Pictures of Real Estate For Sale? 

Real estate is a highly visual business and high-quality, on-topic, compelling photography is a crucial part of real estate marketing. However, it can be difficult to find and source pictures of real estate for sale to use in your marketing efforts. 

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There are a few places where Realtors can submit photos for their listings. One common place is through the MLS. Another is through a company that specializes in MLS photos, such as RealSnap or SnapFeed. 

The MLS is a database that contains property listings and sales data from various sources, including the real estate agents and brokerages that have listed the properties. When a home is listed on the MLS, it becomes a public record and can be viewed by anyone who searches for homes in that area. 

It is important to have professional photographs of your home for sale on the MLS because these are the images that will be used to showcase your home and attract buyers. If your pictures look shabby or are of poor quality, potential buyers may decide not to even schedule a visit to your home. 

A Realtor should also ask the homeowner if they have permission to take any photos and videos of their property for sale, or if there are any restrictions that need to be followed in order to protect their privacy. In most cases, homeowners will not allow any photography or video of their home without the owner’s consent. 

Some homeowners will also be hesitant to have photos or videos taken of them or their family members in the home, especially if they have children or are showing off personal items such as framed family photos. In some states, such as California, the seller’s privacy rights may be a subject of dispute in purchase contracts, and it is critical to communicate these issues to your Realtor early on in your listing agreement so that they can advise your clients about them. 

Once you have a list of properties that need photos, make sure to schedule time for your photographer to visit each home. This will give your photographer a chance to get the best angles possible for each room and provide you with professional shots that can be uploaded into your MLS listing and used for your advertising. 

You can then deliver these pictures to your Realtor by either delivering them in a folder or through a service such as PaySnap that allows you to send them via email to your Realtor. These services are available for about $ 10 USD/month and offer a professional delivery process that is great for your marketing needs! 

In addition to sending your Realtor your photos, you should also send them a copy of the contract for the services you are providing. This will help them understand the terms of your work, and how they can resell the images to other Realtors. 

Once you have all your photos ready, it is recommended that you upload them to Zillow to create your listing page. This is where you can also add your listing’s thumbnail photo, which will be the first image a prospective buyer sees when they go to Zillow to view the listing.