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Real Estate Listings That Feature Videos Get 403% More Inquiries (NAR)

Real Estate Videography

Property listings usually include a gallery of photos and videos, and they are probably the most important marketing tools for selling property. From Newport Beach to Costa Mesa, they can help a property owner sell their property fast. People find video helpful when marketing properties as they are more effective in showing a 3D space than photos. Video walk throughs are becoming increasingly important marketing tools for real estate in Orange County, from Dana Point to Lake Forest. Aerial photography is especially impactful in real estate listings. They play a key role in branding and creating a more memorable experience for potential buyers.

High-quality videos attract more buyers…

Powerful Real Estate Videos

Professional real estate recordings can help viewers perceive homes as having a higher value. To make a powerful video, you need to have a strong story to tell. You need to use powerful video editing software to create a professional-looking video to clinch the sale. High-quality recordings will convince more potential clients to visit your house.

Sell Faster With Real Estate Listing Videos

Real estate video walk throughs are a great way to market homes and get clients interested in the property in a more personal way. Property listing footage helps viewers perceive homes as having higher value, and they help potential homebuyers understand the property to make an informed decision. They are the best, easiest way to leave a strong impression on potential homebuyers. Our videography services include real estate listing walk throughs, branded real estate vids, commercial vids, and videography services.

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DMG SoCal’s real estate videography in Orange County includes Property Cinematic Videos, which help to sell properties. These vids are well-formed, easy-to-watch, and explain the features and benefits of a property in an engaging way. They can be used to market a property to buyers, or simply to give an overview of the property for interested parties.

Real Estate Video Tours

Real estate video tours are an effective marketing tool that can help buyers make informed purchasing decisions. Real estate video tours are easy to create and can be tailored to your specific needs. Professional quality real estate walk throughs help buyers perceive homes as having higher value as they show a more realistic view of the space. Property buyers who are exposed to professional full-motion recordings react more positively to the homes featured in them, and the footage attracts more clients than still photographs

Real Estate Videography Experts

Real estate videography is the process of capturing videos of properties to showcase them in the best possible light. DMG SoCal is a premier real estate photography and videography company that can help you with your next project. We shoot for a variety of lifestyles and businesses, and can provide you with the perfect sales media. Contact us for a quote!

Professional real estate photography and videography is essential for real estate marketers everywhere. The power of video to capture and entertain audiences has been effective for over a century, and it is still an important tool in the global real estate market. Contact DMG SoCal to answer any questions you may have about real estate photography or videography in Los Angeles and Orange County or visit our website to learn more. We also use drones for aerial photography so your property listings will be comprehensive.

What Is Real Estate Videography?

DMG SoCal is a leading real estate photography and videography company in Orange County. Video has become an essential part of selling properties, as it can communicate information, entertain audiences, and capture attention. DMG SoCal produces high quality photography that showcase your properties to buyers near and far. We are a local company with knowledge of the Orange County area, from Newport Beach to Laguna Beach, and we happily offer quotes for your next project.

Why Choose Us?

DMG SoCal is the best choice for real estate photography for several reasons. First, we have flexible schedules and turnaround times that are designed to meet the needs of our clients. Second, our HD images and videos provide a level of detail unmatched by our competitors. Finally, we offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We are your one stop shop!

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DMG SoCal is a premiere real estate photography and videography company: DMG SoCal has been in business for over 25 years and is considered a premier real estate photography and videography company.

Video has become an essential tool for real estate marketing: Professional real estate walk throughs have become an essential part of selling properties, as they can communicate information, entertain audiences, and capture attention.

Showcase your properties in beautifully produced videos: Use video to showcase your properties to buyers near and far so your property will sell faster.

Made in the USA: DMG SoCal produces all its own content, ensuring quality control from start to finish!

Exclusive footage: We capture unique, exclusive footage that will capture your client’s true story.

Conversion-focused videography: Shooting for all lifestyles to help you get the most out of your marketing and sales.

Local knowledge: Born and raised in Orange County, CA, we know the area well and can offer insight and respect for the natural environment not found elsewhere.

Experienced team: We have over 25 years of experience in real estate photography and videography shooting across Los Angeles and Orange County, from Huntington Beach to Aliso Viejo.

Provides you with a quote: We provide you with a quote for your next project.

Will help create content for your business: We will help create content for your business, such as blog posts, ebooks, and vids.

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DMG SoCal offers real estate videography services that include HDR photography and drone aerial photography. With these services, DMG SoCal can capture beautiful real estate photos that show all the details of the property to positively influence the buying decisions of your clients.