How to Shoot in-House Real Estate Photos? 

If you are a real estate agent or photographer, you may find that you need to take a few in-house photos. It’s not as easy as taking a few shots from a distance. Getting the right angles, lighting and details can make or break a good shot. The trick is to plan your shoot to avoid pitfalls. 

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One of the most effective and popular ways to photograph a house is to get the natural light in. This can be done by opening your windows or blinds. However, if the weather is not conducive to the outdoors, you can opt for an artificial source of light. A diffuser will help you to control the direction of the light. In addition, a reflector will give you the ability to highlight important details such as a fireplace or architectural features. 

For a more impressive photo, you can also use a tripod. With a tripod, you’ll be able to capture images that are much more accurate and clear. Plus, you’ll have the ability to adjust your camera angle to get the perfect shot. 

A tripod can be helpful when it comes to real estate photos, especially when you’re attempting to take a long exposure photo of the exterior. You don’t want to risk shaking your camera while focusing on the property’s best features. 

Another useful tip for a realtor is to use the right light. Choosing the right time of day can drastically affect your results. When you’re shooting during the day, you’ll have the advantage of bright, saturated colors. On the other hand, if you’re shooting in the evening, your results will be less vibrant. 

Having an idea of the main room you’re going to be photographing will help you choose the most appropriate settings. During the day, your lighting options are generally limited to natural light. However, if you need to photograph the front or back of the house, a flash may be your best bet. 

Fortunately, you can easily remedy this by scheduling a shoot at a time when the weather is cooperative. The best time for a real estate photo shoot is early in the morning or around the time the sun sets. 

While there’s no definitive answer to the question of how to shoot in-house real estate photos, the following tips can help you get started. 

A quality camera with a good zoom lens is your best bet. Alternatively, you could buy a secondhand DSLR. These cameras come with several features including interchangeable lenses and the ability to adjust the focus of the camera. 

Using a tripod for a single or multiple shots will make your life a whole lot easier. Additionally, a remote trigger can prevent the dreaded image shake. 

To find the most effective angles, shoot from a slightly off-center vantage point. You can get great shots from a corner or even a slanted wall. Also, try to keep your feet level.