How to Get Good Real Estate Photos? 

If you are selling your house or trying to sell a property, you may need to hire a professional real estate photographer to take pictures. Good real estate photography involves staging the home, taking advantage of natural light, and being flexible. Taking photos that showcase the property’s character can help make your listing stand out. 

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Real estate photography can involve shooting interiors or exteriors. When taking interior shots, you need to take care to photograph the whole room and not just a small portion. Use a wide-angle lens to get a wider perspective of the room. This will allow you to capture the entire space, rather than a distorted version. 

For exterior shots, you’ll need a tripod. A painter’s pole can be used to extend the tripod, but be sure it’s securely mounted. Using a tripod will prevent blurry lines, especially when you are shooting in doorways or bathrooms. 

Natural light is best for real estate photography, but it’s not always available. Fortunately, you can still use artificial lights to add warmth and coziness to your images. Just be sure to correct for light temperature in your photo editing software. 

You’ll also need to adjust for the weather. It’s best to avoid scheduling a shoot on a cloudy or gloomy day. Instead, schedule a shoot when the sun is at its strongest. The lighting will be brighter and the color will be saturated. Also, don’t schedule a shoot right before or after sunset. That can lead to dull interior shots. 

Another tip is to keep your shutter speed slow. Slow shutter speeds are necessary for capturing the detail in the room. Ideally, you’ll have a shutter speed of no more than five feet. Working with a tripod will allow you to maintain a steady shutter speed. 

Depending on the style of the house, you can use a flash to compensate for low lighting. But be sure to use a remote trigger. Otherwise, the picture could shake. In addition, you should also be aware that you don’t want to accidentally touch the camera. 

The best time to shoot for real estate is during the daytime. While the sun is shining, you’ll be able to capture beautiful shadows. Take the time to prepare the area and set up your shot, even if you have to wait a little bit. 

Be sure to check the weather before you go. There are plenty of apps on the market that can provide you with the latest information on the weather. Ideally, you’ll want to shoot during the mid-day or just after sunset. With the sun behind the house, you’ll be able to catch the best lighting. 

You should never settle for one angle or one type of photography. Your real estate photos should show all the features of the property, not just what you want them to. To get the best results, be flexible and adapt your camera settings to the conditions. 

Make sure your rate is high enough to reflect the quality of your work. Getting a contract in writing ensures no problems when sending an invoice. Include an estimate of the time you’ll need and the gear you’ll need.