How to Begin Shooting With a Drone for Real Estate 

A drone for real estate is a great way to create dramatic, eye-catching visuals that will help your property stand out online. It also allows you to showcase the property’s unique features and amenities that could otherwise be hard to convey, so you’ll want to take the time to learn how to use it effectively. 

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How to Begin Shooting With a Drone for Real Estate 

As you get more comfortable with your drone and the various angles it can take, try expanding your horizons and adding video. This will make your drone skills even more valuable and allow you to build up your portfolio of professional-looking videos that are sure to impress potential clients. 

You can also start by taking a few still photographs. This is the simplest and most straightforward way to start capturing aerial footage for your property. It’s also a great opportunity to practice the controls and limitations of your drone. 

To create this type of shot, start the drone above the property and then slowly move it up and down to capture an overhead view of the home and surrounding areas. Moving the camera from side to side will give you a slider effect, while tilting the camera up and down can add some motion blur to your shots. 

Avoid shooting when there’s a strong wind because it can cause the drone to have jerks in its movements. It also helps to take the drone slowly so that you can control its speed and prevent it from getting caught in a gust of wind. 

When you’re taking aerial shots, it’s important to make sure that you’re flying at a low altitude and that the drone isn’t in the way of other people or vehicles. This will reduce the chances of a driver or someone else causing a crash and damage to your drone. 

Another way to avoid accidents is by avoiding busy streets and other areas where traffic may be heavy. This will save you the hassle of running around trying to avoid people while also making your job a lot easier. 

The best times for real estate photography are at sunset and sunrise, as you’ll be able to capture the warmer hues of the sun and deeper shadows during these times. You can also choose to turn on lights for extra depth in your drone footage, which will increase the appeal of your footage and add a dramatic feel to the final product. 

You can also consider using a tripod when shooting with a drone. It will keep the drone steady and give you a more professional-looking image. It will also keep your camera from shaking if you’re in the middle of a windy or cloudy day. 

Using a tripod can also help you avoid having the camera shake or become disoriented while in flight, which is another common problem with many drones. This can lead to bad photos or video and is something that you will need to address in the future if you are serious about your drone-shooting career.