How Much to Take Photos of Real Estate Properties? 

How much to take photos of real estate properties varies depending on the location, the square footage of the property, and the photographer. Some photographers charge a flat rate for all types of properties, while others charge by the hour. Regardless of the price, it’s important to ensure the service is priced properly. The photographer should have an adequate level of experience and knowledge to produce quality work, as well as the ability to provide timely results. If they can’t deliver these results, they may be losing money. 

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When deciding how much to take photos of real estate properties, it’s important to think about the number of properties the photographer can photograph in a day. If they can, they may charge higher fees for faster turnaround times. They can also charge more if they need to take extra time to get certain photos. In addition, they may need to bring special equipment to the shoot, such as a tripod or lenses. 

For homes that are less than 1,000 square feet, a photographer can charge $200 for the entire shoot. For homes that are between a thousand and one thousand square feet, they can charge $250. Larger and more luxurious homes, such as those located in a city, can cost more. However, they also require more time and expertise to shoot. 

A full-time photographer can shoot a minimum of two homes a day during the summer and spring, and four or more in the fall and winter. During these seasons, they are inundated with clients. These agents want their properties sold as quickly as possible. 

While real estate agents often need to turn around pictures within a matter of hours, it’s important to allow plenty of time for a photo shoot. Many real estate agents prefer to schedule their photographers in the afternoon so that they can take advantage of the natural light. This can make the process more efficient, though it can also add extra costs to the photographer. 

Real estate photography can also vary in price depending on the season and location of the property. Typically, a daytime shoot takes about 60-90 minutes, but a nighttime shot can cost an extra half an hour or more. Depending on the photographer, you may be able to find a rate that is lower in the off-season. 

Before you hire a photographer, you should do some research and ask some questions about the home. You may also consider scouting the property, which can be a great way to help a photographer get a better sense of the building and how it will look. It can be helpful to hire a photographer who is willing to pay for transportation to the property. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for gas and vehicle wear and tear, as well as the additional time it will take for the photographer to get to the property. 

Generally, the more photos that you need, the more expensive the photographer will be. Some companies charge as little as $50 for a photo shoot, while others can charge as much as $250 for a basic shoot package. Ideally, you’ll have a good idea of what you’re paying for before a photographer arrives at the property.