How Much Should You Charge For Drone Photography of Real Estate? 

Drones are great for capturing photos and videos of real estate, but how much should you charge for drone photography? Prices vary widely depending on a variety of factors, including the type of property being photographed, the amount of time needed to capture the desired images, and the skill of the photographer. 

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Getting Started

If you are starting a drone business, it is important to understand the different laws and regulations that affect your operations. For instance, if you are going to be taking pictures of homes or buildings, you will need permission from the relevant authorities. It is also important to make sure that you are insured. 

Equipment Needed for Real Estate Photoshoots 

Aside from cameras and other drone equipment, you will need a suitable drone that can be operated by a professional pilot. This will ensure that your images are of the highest quality. The best drones for aerial photographs are those that have a flight time of 27 to 90 minutes, a high-quality camera, and features like GPS return to home, obstacle avoidance technology, and a 3-axis gimbal. 

Planning Your Shoots

It is important to plan your shoots ahead of time so that you are able to capture the best photos for your clients. This will help you ensure that your customers are happy with your service and will result in a higher rate for your services. 

The Weather is Important

Generally speaking, real estate drone photos look best when shot during calm clear days. This is because the light is more even, and the background will look more natural. On the other hand, cloudy weather will cause shadows to appear on your photographs, which can be difficult for a professional photographer to remove. 

Use Autofocus

If possible, it is best to use autofocus for your drone shots. This will ensure that your shots are as sharp as possible and avoid any unwanted shadows. This will also help to save you a lot of hassle during the actual shooting process. 

Take Your Time When Shooting 

Often, the more experienced a real estate drone photographer is, the more time they spend on each photoshoot. This is because they will need to carefully plan the angle and approach of their shots, so that they can get the most out of their time. 

Before a real estate drone shoot, it is best to check the area for any local laws that may impact your operations. This will help you determine if you need to obtain permission from the appropriate authorities and/or insurance. 

Aerial Images Are Fantastic 

Aerial images are great for showcasing properties, especially those with features such as a pool or a patio. They can provide a unique perspective and give your customers a better idea of what they are buying or renting. 

While a lot of people want to get involved in drone photography, it is important to be careful when using one. A drone can be very dangerous if used improperly or without the proper permissions. Having a drone can be very expensive, so you need to ensure that it is used properly and safely.