How to Charge Properly for Professional Real Estate Photos? 

Real estate photography is a lucrative industry and an excellent opportunity for any photographer looking to make a full-time income. However, it is crucial to price the service appropriately so you can make a profit without compromising your quality of work or customer satisfaction. 

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Prices for professional real estate photos vary based on the location and any associated complexities, such as driving distance, size of the property, number of shots required, turnaround, season, post-production editing processes, etc. These costs can be added to the actual photography fee, so it’s best to have a clear pricing structure before starting any real estate photo shoot. 

The average real estate photographer in the United States charges $93-$300 per session, based on a 3,000-square-foot home and a minimum of 10-25 MLS-ready photos. Premium services, like video or aerial photos, can command a higher rate. 

Invest in the Right Equipment 

A professional real estate photographer should have an array of equipment, including a high-quality camera and lenses, tripods, lighting tools, and photo editing software. They should also be experienced in using the equipment and have a portfolio of their work that shows they are capable of producing beautiful images. 

Educate Clients About the Process 

Taking photos of property and homes is a time-consuming process that requires patience and understanding on the part of the homeowner. The process involves locating the property, arranging for a suitable time, and then making sure everything is in place and ready for the photographer to photograph. It is important to educate your clients about the process and ensure that they are happy with how the photos turn out. 

Low-Stress Sessions 

For some photographers, real estate photography is their favorite type of shoot because they find it to be a low-stress environment where they can let their creativity flow. It’s also a great way to build your portfolio and develop new skills, as well as gain exposure in a new market. 

Fast Turnarounds 

Realtors and real estate agents are often in a rush to list and sell properties, so the photographer needs to be able to deliver the photos at a rapid pace. This can be done in a variety of ways, including offering a rush fee. For example, some photographers charge a fee of $25 to $50 for delivering all the photos in one shot so that the realtor isn’t left waiting around for days on end. 

This is a popular option, and many photographers offer it. It’s a great way to attract more potential customers and increase your bookings. 

It’s also an easy way to increase your earnings without having to rely on referrals or word of mouth. 

In addition to the standard photo package, many professional real estate photographers are now offering additional services such as virtual tours and retouched images. While these services may require more gear, they can be a profitable addition to your portfolio and increase your income. 

If you’re a new real estate photographer, it may be difficult to determine the right amount to charge for a photo shoot. It’s essential to consider the time needed to shoot the property, how long it takes to edit the photos, and whether or not the client wants them delivered sooner than the normal 24 hours.