How Much Does Photography for Real Estate Cost? 

There is no standard for how much a real estate photographer should charge, but there are some common factors that can help you decide how to price your services. You may choose to charge a flat fee for a specific amount of properties, a rate based on square footage, or an hourly rate for each property you photograph. 

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Equipment and Camera Settings for Real Estate Photography

A good camera, tripod, and wide-angle lens are essential to the job of a real estate photographer. You also need to know how to use the proper lighting for your photos. You should be able to get the whole room in focus, without getting weird tilting angles or strange shadows on furniture. 

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to stick with a smaller camera and a wide-angle lens to start with. Then, as your skills improve, you can upgrade to a larger and more sophisticated model. 

The average cost of a real estate photo shoot is around $150. However, you can charge more if you have access to an expensive home or a client who wants aerial drone photos. 

Real estate photography is a competitive industry, so it’s important to charge a fair price for your work. It’s also important to make sure you can deliver high-quality photos quickly. 

Aside from the actual photography, real estate photographers also need to be able to edit their photos. This can take time, especially if you’re shooting multiple rooms and need to adjust the brightness, contrast or color. 

The type of editing you do can influence the cost of your real estate photography service. For example, if you offer high-quality 3D virtual staging or video tours, you may have to spend more time on post-production work. 

Likewise, if you’re offering high-end listings, you will likely have to take more time during each shoot to get the shots that you want. 

Seasoned real estate photographers can charge more than newer photographers because they have years of experience with the business and can better understand their equipment and how to set up a shoot for maximum results. 

For example, a seasoned professional knows how to take the perfect shot of a particular design element or sweeping view. This experience can translate into a higher price for your services and a more successful business. 

Turnaround Times for Real Estate Photography

If you’re an experienced real estate photographer, you may have a schedule that allows you to photograph listings on short notice or deliver the photos quickly to your clients. Alternatively, you can charge more for a quicker turnaround time and allow your clients to choose a date when they can meet with you. 

The key is to balance your time between delivering your services and meeting the demands of your clients. If you’re always busy with multiple shoots, it can affect your quality of life and lead to less satisfaction in your work. 

Generally, prices for professional real estate photography are based on the market value of the homes being photographed. This can be influenced by many factors, including buyer and client desires, marketing skills, and the photographer’s experience.