How Much Do Real Estate Agents Pay For Photography? 

Real estate agents can earn thousands of dollars in commission when a property sells. So, they want their listings to look enticing and presentable. That means a good photographer is an essential part of any agent’s marketing plan. 

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But how much do real estate photographers charge?

There are many factors that can affect a photographer’s income, including the number of clients, their experience, and the type of services they provide. Ideally, an experienced real estate photographer will earn more than an inexperienced one. 

How to Choose a Real Estate Photographer?

Before you hire a real estate photographer, it’s important to consider their portfolio and previous work. Check out their online profiles, read customer reviews, and look at examples of work they’ve done. This is a good way to ensure that you’ll be happy with the photos they deliver. 

How to Prepare Your Home for a Photo Shoot?

Before a real estate photographer arrives at the property, it’s important to clean and declutter. This will help you get the best quality pictures of the interior and exterior. It also will make you feel more comfortable and confident that the home will look its best. 

After the shoot, it’s important to review the photos with the real estate agent. This will prevent you from having to return later for additional photos that aren’t up to your standards. This will save you both time and money. 

What to Expect From a Real Estate Photoshoot?

Most real estate photos take around an hour or so. This includes prep work and post-processing. The price for a single photo shoot depends on the size of the home and what services are needed, such as video tours or neighborhood photos. 

How to Set a Rate for Real Estate Photography?

When pricing a photography job, it’s important to factor in the driving distance, the number of photos requested, and turnaround time. You should also think about the season and the amount of post-processing that will be required. 

How to Boost Your Rates for Real Estate Clients?

The amount of time you spend working on a project can significantly impact your real estate photography rates. For example, if you have to rent the proper gear, consult with your client, or spend an extra day shooting and post-processing, then you’ll need to charge more for those services. 

Besides that, you’ll need to be available to photograph a client’s home at the most convenient time and place possible. It’s a competitive market, and clients are looking for quick turnarounds from their photographers. 

Depending on the type of real estate property you’re shooting, it can cost anywhere from $100 for a small condo to $15,000 for a large house. A small residential property may need a basic photoshoot, while a commercial building or office space will require a more extensive one. To keep costs down, consider offering basic packages for your clients with options for add-ons. These add-ons can include video tours or twilight photos.