How Much Do Professional Real Estate Photos Cost? 

Professional real estate photography services can vary in cost, depending on a variety of factors. The photographer’s experience, the region where the property is located, and other factors can affect the price. In some cases, a single photo shoot can cost just a few hundred dollars, while in others the costs can reach thousands. 

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A basic real estate photo shoot can start at just $100, but the cost can escalate to a high of $15,000 for a complex day shoot on a mid-rise apartment. The photographer will need to pay for the equipment and time required to shoot the home, as well as the insurance. The real estate photos can be digitally delivered within a few days. The photographer will also need to factor in the transportation costs involved with the shoot. 

A standard photo shoot includes at least 10 to 25 MLS-ready images for a 3,000-square-foot home. If the home is larger, the photographer may need to spend more time taking photographs. The amount of time the photographer invests in the home can also determine how much they charge. Some photographers may charge a higher rate for faster turnaround times. 

If a realtor requires images for a home in less than 24 hours, the photographer may have to charge a rush fee. This will give the realtor an incentive to get the photos done quickly. However, the photographer will need to make sure the prices are reasonable. If a photographer’s prices are too low, they could lose out on clients. In addition to charging a rush fee, the photographer can offer a flat fee for a specific number of photos. 

In some cases, the photographer can offer a discount if the home is not ready for the photoshoot. This is called a “rush fee” and can be as little as $25. While this will reduce the number of images the realtor can receive, it also makes the stress of delivering the pictures worth it. 

A real estate photographer can shoot three or four homes per day. This allows them to earn at least $50 or $75 per house. If the property is larger, the photographer can charge more to accommodate the client’s needs. The cost of a real estate photo shoot depends on the number of photos needed, the location, and the type of work. 

Some real estate photographers will include a video tour in their services. This may be a good way to increase the value of the home and draw in buyers. The cost of videography can range from $300 to $500. A photographer can also add a travel fee to the shoot if it is necessary. The typical travel fee in Vancouver, Canada is 50 kilometers. A real estate photographer in Miami will charge $250 to $500. 

Pricing real estate photography services can be challenging. Typically, a photographer can charge anywhere from $150 to $200, although the costs can vary depending on the home, location, and other factors.