How Much Do Photographers Charge For Real Estate Photos?

The answer to this question varies greatly depending on the type of home, property features, and location. This is why it’s important to have a solid pricing structure in place before taking on any new clients. 

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Having a solid base rate for your real estate photography will ensure that you don’t lose money on every home and that you can bring in a decent income while also keeping your overhead and fixed expenses to a minimum. To determine your base rate, consider the average time spent on each session, the types of homes you photograph, and how many sessions you have in a given year. 

Aside from your base rate, you should also consider additional fees for the home’s square footage, post-processing, and editing of the images. These additional costs can add up over the course of a photo shoot, so it’s best to have them factored into your final bill for the client. 

When deciding on your real estate photography rate, make sure that it covers all aspects of the project and makes it feel like a great investment in your business. This will help you feel confident about your work and the quality of your photographs while allowing you to grow your business in the long run. 

High-End Properties

A high-end listing means that you’ll need to invest more time, gear, and energy into the images. As a result, you may need to charge a premium fee to cover your expenses and the added work required to create these special shots. 

This will show your client that you’re a professional and are prepared to provide them with an incredible product that will appeal to a high-end buyer. This will also allow you to set yourself apart from other local photographers, which could help you secure more referrals and new clients in the future. 

During the real estate photography shoot, it’s important to pay attention to light and other factors that can impact the final outcome of the images. Use natural light where possible, and don’t forget to open up all the windows in the house to allow more light into the space. 

It’s also important to remember that your photographer should be able to adapt to the conditions of the photo shoot, as some days can be cloudy or have rain or wind blowing in. These conditions can affect the way a room looks, and may cause you to need to come back later in the day or on another day to take the proper photographs. 

In addition, be aware of how far your photographer needs to travel to get to the property and what their transportation costs are. If your photographer needs to drive more than a certain distance or requires special travel arrangements, this can increase the final bill for them and affect their profits. 

A real estate photographer can earn a very good living, even without the help of a full-time assistant or studio manager. But, as with any type of photography, it’s important to have a realistic price list and to be disciplined in your marketing and sales.