How Much Do Drones Charge For Real Estate Photography? 

Real estate drone photography can be a great way to capture sweeping imagery of a property. This type of photography can be a great addition to any real estate agent’s marketing plan, and it can also help potential buyers see a property in a more visually appealing light. However, it can be difficult to know how much to charge for this type of photography. Here are a few tips to help you determine the right price for your next drone shoot: 

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Aerial Real Estate Photography Cost Guide

Drone prices vary by region, but it’s generally more expensive to fly a drone in rural areas than in urban areas. This is because drones can be difficult to navigate in rural areas, and a pilot may need to obtain permission from the local government before flying their drone. 

How to Find a Good Drone Operator?

The first step to finding the best drone operator is to find one who has a strong portfolio of satisfied clients. This can be done by checking customer testimonials online and reading reviews on business review sites like Google Reviews. Another way to find a great drone operator is to look at the photos they’ve taken and read them up on their website. 

A good drone operator will have high-end gear, and this can make a big difference in the quality of images that they can take with their drone. This can include a high-resolution camera, 4K video, and a drone with a gimbal for stability and smooth shots. 

When calculating a drone photographer’s cost, consider how long they’ll be flying the drone and what type of services they provide. Some photographers offer a flat rate per hour of flight, while others will charge by the square footage of the property they’re shooting. 

HomeJab offers a flat-rate pricing option for a real estate drone photo package. Their most popular package includes 15 drone photos and a drone video for a $250 price, no matter how large the home is or how much time the photographer spends on the shoot. 

How to Create Eye-Catching Drone Real Estate Photography?

A drone real estate photo shoot is a great opportunity to take beautiful, high-quality aerial photographs of your property. These photographs can then be used to highlight a home’s unique features and increase the appeal of the listing. 

It’s a good idea to shoot on calm, clear days since cloudy weather can make it more difficult to control a drone. It’s also a good idea to shoot in the early morning or late afternoon, as this will allow for more light on the property and more natural colors in the photos. 

How to Get Clients for Drone Photography and Videography?

A lot of the best drone operators get their start by shooting free aerials for friends and family. This is a great way to gain experience and build a portfolio of work that you can then use when seeking future clients. 

Once you have a good portfolio, it’s time to start charging for your services. The price of your drone photo and videography services will depend on your experience, skill, and the market demand for your services. It’s also a good idea for a new drone photographer to start small, and then raise their prices once they begin getting more clients.