How to Start a Real Estate Photography and Videography Business?

What do drone real estate photographers make?

Drone pilots can earn a full-time salary by specializing in real estate photography and videography. This type of work requires a wide range of skills, including camera control and flight experience. In addition, it requires expertise in the real estate industry and an understanding of how to use a drone safely. 

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How much do drone real estate photographers make?

A drone real estate photographer can earn an average of $160 per hour. However, this amount can vary depending on their experience level, skill level, and the complexity of the job. 

How to Start a Drone Business as a Real Estate Photographer?

One of the most popular ways for drone pilots to break into the industry is by offering real estate drone photography services. These services are designed to capture aerial photos and videos of a property that can be used for marketing purposes by real estate companies. 

These photographs and videos can help a realtor sell a house or land more quickly and easily. It can also help a potential buyer better understand a property’s features and layout. 

How to Find Drone Photography Jobs as a Real Estate Photographer?

A drone photographer can find real estate photography jobs by searching for them online or networking with real estate agents in their area. These jobs can range from small, local assignments to large projects that require a team of drone photographers and videographers. 

How to Set Your Rates for Drone Real Estate Photography?

When setting your rates for real estate drone photography, it’s important to consider the time and effort you will spend on each project. This includes preparing the drone, shooting the pictures and footage, editing and post-processing them, and delivering the final product. 

It’s also a good idea to factor in the cost of your drone and other equipment, as well as any insurance you need to purchase to operate your drone. In addition, you may need to cover additional costs such as travel expenses and lodging. 

How to Build a Client Base for Your Drone Real Estate Photography and Videography Business?

As you build your client list, it’s important to be creative and innovative with your approach. For example, a Drone Pilot Ground School alum, Derrick, began giving away free real estate drone photography and videography shoots to build his portfolio and grow his client base. 

He later landed several paying clients, which helped him build his client base and earn a full-time income from drone photography. 

How to Find Real Estate Photo and Video Job Opportunities as a Drone Pilot?

To find real estate photo and video job opportunities, it’s a good idea to search for them on platforms such as ZipRecruiter or Indeed. These sites list real estate jobs as well as other related types of drone pilot missions. 

You can also build a network of other drone pilots by joining online forums and social media groups. These networks are great places to find opportunities that match your experience and skill level.