How Much Can You Make Doing Real Estate Photography? 

If you’re looking to start a real estate photography business, you’ll want to know how much can you make. The amount you can earn depends on several factors, including the type of photos you take and your location. 

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Interior/Exterior – $4000+

If your specialty is taking interior and exterior shots, you can charge a lot of money for these sessions. These photos are a great way to showcase the interiors of a home, and they’re also highly sought after by real estate agents. 

Commercial – $500+

If you specialize in commercial real estate photography, you can make a decent living. These shots are often commissioned for large companies and businesses, such as apartment complexes or construction firms. 

Headshots – $1000+

If your skills are geared toward capturing headshots, you can also charge a lot of money for these photos. These are the kind of portraits that real estate agents use on their websites and in their marketing materials. 

Drone/Aerial – $1,000+

If you can do drone and 3D virtual walk-throughs, you can make a lot of money doing these kinds of shoots. These are a great way to add a different angle to a house and increase your credibility as a photographer. 

Luxury – $2000+

If you’re skilled at taking photos of high-end homes, you can make a good living shooting these kinds of homes. These are the kind of homes that agents spend tens of thousands of dollars on marketing. 

Architects and Home Builders – $800+

If your specialty is shooting architect and home builder portfolios, you can make a lot of cash doing these kinds of shoots. These are the kind of jobs that agents and homeowners want when they’re selling their homes. 

Aerial – $300+

If you have a DJI drone, you can offer aerial drone photos of a property for a higher rate than traditional photographers. This is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise and get paid more than other local photographers. 

3D Tours – $15+ per house

If a client wants to see the entire interior of a house, you can offer them a 3D Photo Tour for an extra fee. This is a newer feature that can be very useful for realtors and potential buyers. 

Extend Your Services – $4000+

You can make more money as a real estate photographer if you offer additional products and services to your clients. These include things like virtual staging, which can help real estate agents sell homes more quickly and for more money. 

Other extras to consider adding to your packages and rates are things like real estate consultations, virtual tours, and even social media postings. These services can be incredibly valuable to both your clients and potential clients, and they can boost your income substantially. 

Legality – $500+

You’ll need to get a license in order to legally operate a real estate photography business. Getting this is important for your business to be recognized as a legitimate one and to prevent you from being slapped with sanctions by government bodies.