How Long Do Real Estate Photos Take? 

Real estate photos can be one of the most important parts of selling a home. Buyers can scan through hundreds of photographs online and first impressions matter. To help sell your house quickly, make sure to have a professional photographer take the best possible pictures of your property. 

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A well-planned and executed photo shoot can take just a few hours. You’ll need to set up a schedule and get your equipment ready. If you’re a newbie, you might want to get some assistance. 

A good tip is to have a pre-shoot checklist to keep you on track. If you can’t see the whole picture, a wide-angle lens will help you capture the full effect of a room. Also, have a tripod available to support your camera. 

Another thing to consider is the weather. Depending on the time of year, the quality of your photos can vary. For example, a sunny day will yield great results, while a rainy day can make for grainy photos. 

You can also use a drone to improve your real estate photos. But you’ll have to be prepared to pay for a contract and follow additional legal requirements. 

For the most part, the best photos are those that highlight the most interesting aspects of the property. For instance, a recently renovated space is a perfect place to highlight in a photo. And a clean home is the key to a pristine photo. Be sure to store toys and clutter away from view. 

It can be helpful to use a remote trigger or trigger camera to help get the shots you need. This will save you a trip to the property and allow you to work more flexibly. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of your property. Larger homes may require more time and effort to photograph. If you’re not sure how many photos are necessary, don’t be afraid to ask. If you have an MLS listing, you might be able to get a professional to come out to the property and take the pictures for you. 

The most exciting part of a professional photo shoot is getting to see the result. You’ll typically receive a USB of the photos within about fifteen minutes of the shoot. This will give you a chance to look at your images before you send them out. You can even upload them for editing. 

A good real estate photographer will have a portfolio to show off to prospective clients and may have access to a property management or real estate agency. This can save you money on your photography and allow you to share your portfolio with the right people. 

You can find a real estate photo editing service online. Most of them will give you a quick turnaround, ranging from 24 to 48 hours. The key is to find a service that upholds high standards for quality and isn’t too overpriced.