How to Take Great Real Estate Photos 

Real estate photos are a key part of the marketing strategy for every property, so they need to be able to capture the right look and feel to impress buyers. While it’s tempting to rush through your list and get the shots, taking a little time to plan ahead will help ensure that you end up with stunning images. 

Take a Walk around

Before you start shooting, you should take a tour of the property to get an idea of how it’s laid out. This way, you’ll be able to anticipate any challenges or areas that might need extra attention. Also, you’ll be able to see what the style of the home is, which can make it easier to find the right photos for the listing. 


The most common mistake that people make when they’re shooting interiors is that they don’t properly stage the rooms. In reality, it’s fairly easy to do so, and it can dramatically improve your real estate photography. 

When you’re styling a room, try to keep it clean and uncluttered, with only enough furniture to create a cozy feeling and to showcase the home’s best features. This will help to make the property seem more inviting and will likely encourage buyers to schedule a showing. 

Use a Tripod 

A tripod is the best way to steady your camera and ensure that your photos are as crisp as possible, so they’ll look professional and polished when you share them online. It also makes it easier to keep your camera level and avoid getting any unwanted perspective distortion (see below). 

Adjust the White Balance

When photographing a home, be sure to adjust the color temperature to give the image a neutral tone. This is important because light from different sources can have different color temperatures, which affect how your photo will look on the computer screen. 

For example, the sun’s light can be blue-green or red-orange, while a desk lamp might have a yellow or pinkish tint. It’s best to take the time to adjust your photo’s white balance before you shoot to ensure that the image will appear as it should. 

Position Your Camera From Eye Level

The most effective photos are taken from eye height, which is about 5.5 feet. This will make the interiors look proportional and ensure that the vertical lines of the walls are straight. 

Set Your Shutter Speed 

Having the correct shutter speed is vital for real estate photography because it allows you to control the amount of detail that’s captured. Too slow, and the photo may be blurry; too fast, and it won’t have enough detail to show off a room’s unique features. 

As a rule of thumb, a good shutter speed is about 18 second. This will allow you to capture the smallest details of a room, as well as any natural light that’s streaming in through windows. 

Fix Distortion

Often, the photos of real estate listings that you take will have a lot of distortion in them because they’re taken at a low shutter speed to catch as much detail as possible. Luckily, it’s easy to fix this problem with a few clicks of a button or a few adjustments in software.