10 Tips to Take Great Real Estate Listing Photos With My iPhone 7 Plus 

You’re in real estate and you want to take great photos to showcase your properties. But how do you do that without spending a fortune on professional cameras and lenses? 

There are a number of tricks that can help you take better real estate listing photos, from taking fewer shots to using a tripod. Here are 10 tips to improve your real estate photography with your iPhone 7 Plus: 

1. Compose Your Photos Well

The first tip is to remember that you need to capture a photo that represents the property in a clear, accurate way. That means that you need to consider the lighting of the home. For example, if it has a lot of natural light, you should try to shoot the home in that light. This is because it will make your photos more appealing and attractive to viewers. 

2. Level Your Camera Before You Start Photographing

Another tip to remember when shooting interior real estate is that a lopsided room or one with vertical lines leaning to one side will not do justice to the property. It will also make your room look cluttered and drab. 

3. Use a Wide-Angle Lens 

Having an iPhone with a wide-angle lens will help you get a better shot of a room. It will give you a wide range of angles, and this is especially important when you’re trying to capture the entire area. 

4. Turn On HDR Technology 

Apple’s recently released iPhones support a feature called HDR, which helps you capture photos that are more detailed than traditional shots. This feature combines several different photos, each with a different exposure. This helps to give you a better overall picture, with the brighter areas of the image emphasized. 

5. Improve Your Real Estate Pictures With Editing Apps

A good place to start when editing your photos is with a photo editor that is specifically designed for real estate. These apps will do a lot of the hard work for you with intuitive tools to adjust exposure, warmness, contrast, sharpness and more. 

6. Avoid Keeping Your Phone in the Sun 

The sun can make it difficult to capture great real estate photos, especially if your property is south-facing. This is because the sun will be too high in the sky, and it may cast harsh shadows on the roof or windows. To get around this problem, you can try to shoot the property when the sun is low in the sky or at the end of the day. 

7. Use a Tripod

The best way to get an iPhone to stay steady for real estate photography is to use a tripod. This is a simple, inexpensive option that can be used for indoor or outdoor photographs. 

A tripod can be a great investment for any photographer, and it’s particularly useful in real estate. Having one can make your job much easier, and it will save you time when you’re taking photos of multiple properties.