How Much Faster to Real Estate Listings Sell With Professional Photos? 

Real estate listing photos have a lot of power. From highlighting the best features of a home to giving potential buyers a more accurate view of what the property has to offer. Photos are often the deciding factor in the buyer’s decision to click through and call the agent. So, how much faster can real estate listings sell with professional photos? The answer is a resounding yes. 

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A recent study conducted by VHT Studios, the nation’s largest real estate photography network, found that homes that have been professionally photographed spend about a third less time on the market than those that aren’t. It also found that those with professional photos enjoy a 47 percent higher asking price per square foot. 

While it’s not hard to find photos of a home, a quality set of pictures can make or break a sale. That’s why professional real estate photographers have a special set of tools and skills at their disposal. Their expertise in lighting, composition, and post-production techniques can make a big difference in the way a home is marketed. 

Another study by Redfin found that professionally photographed homes sold about 20% more frequently than other listings. Even better, the homes were on the market an average of 123 days versus the 77 days on average that nonprofessionally photographed homes occupied. This is a huge deal because buyers have very little time on their hands to browse homes for sale. 

A more comprehensive study by VHT Studios found that there is a correlation between real estate photo quality and property sales. Professionally photographed listings sold for a median of about $11,000 more than similar homes on the market. And, according to VHT, this kind of difference translates into roughly a 32% faster sale rate for a typical home. 

There is a wide range of factors involved in determining how much faster a home will sell. But there is one surefire way to increase the odds of getting your home on the market. By hiring a professional to take a few good shots, you can ensure that your home will have the best opportunity to attract the most buyers. 

One of the best things about having a professional photograph of your home is that you can do so without having to worry about a time crunch. Unlike amateurs, a professional can shoot a picture in the blink of an eye. They’ll also use the right lighting and vantage points to highlight the most important aspects of a home. 

Not only will a professional photograph help you close the sale, but it will also show your prospects that you’re a serious real estate pro. In fact, in a recent survey, more than half of real estate agents reported that they have used professional photographers. 

The icing on the cake is that you can sell your home at a higher price if you do it right. With more buyers researching properties online, it’s more important than ever to have the right photo of your home.