Aerial Photography in Real Estate 

Real estate agents and marketing agencies use aerial photography to capture a home or property from a unique perspective. The view of the property from above allows potential buyers to see features that would otherwise be overlooked by standard ground-based photography. This can include the size of the lot, the neighborhood, and even neighboring properties that may impact their decision-making process. 

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Aerial images of a home and the surrounding area are also useful for sellers because they allow them to show off more than just the main house. This helps entice prospective buyers to want to see the property in person, and it also makes the home more interesting for potential buyers to look at on their computer screens. 

There are several different types of aerial photographs, each with its own purpose. They range from small-scale to large-scale, to oblique photos, and they can be made using different films such as panchromatic, color, and infrared. 

* Small Scale Photographs – these are taken with the aircraft flying at a higher elevation, so a larger area is captured in the photo but seen in less detail. This type of photo is usually used for studying relatively large areas where you are not interested in measuring or mapping specific features but rather looking at the area as a whole. 

These are typically used for marketing purposes, but can also be useful for inspections or scans for damage and other issues. 

Aerial photographers are often hired to capture imagery from a remote-controlled helicopter or drone. Drones are increasingly becoming a popular option for real estate aerial photography, as they provide a cost-effective way to shoot breathtaking photos from a high altitude and can be operated with ease and simplicity. 

Unlike helicopters and aircraft, drones do not need a pilot or an expensive plane charter, making them a more affordable option for most realtors and marketing agencies. 

This is especially true of drones that have a GPS feature that allows them to track the position of the aircraft and record stunning photos at low altitudes. 

These photographs can be used to capture any part of a property that you want to showcase to your potential clients, including the exterior, interior, and landscaping. This can be extremely helpful if the home has a beautiful pool or a great layout, for example. 

The best time for capturing aerial photographs of a home is during the fall or spring, when trees are in full bloom and green grass is lush. Aerial photographs of a home can also be used to highlight the location’s proximity to amenities, such as parks or beaches. 

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is particularly true for home listings that are positioned in desirable locations or near things that could appeal to prospective buyers. For instance, a beach-front listing in the ocean can easily draw in more potential buyers with a beautiful drone photo that shows off the property’s proximity to the shoreline.